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optimizing your ad

Optimizing Online Ads to Increase Conversion Chances in 2022

Advertising your business online in a competitive market is already getting expensive and with major changes the advertisement giants of the world are making, we need to adapt fast to avoid loss of traction in conversions.The moment I got message from Facebook that Appleā€™s IOS opt out of tracking...

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5 effective email marketing tips for 2022

Think of emails as a marketing tool that lets you speak to your customers, engage them, give them support, encourage them and allow them to participate in your marketing activities. Speak to them in a natural way but still keeping the tone, language and content that they understand. Separate...

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8 reasons your facebook ads don't work

Why did my Facebook ad stop performing?

There are few common reasons why your ads have stopped performing as well as they did in the past. Here are few of them that I have observed from my experience on working with various businesses in the past. In lieu of Apple ios opt out of personalized ads and...

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Brand identity by Sanjog Pandya

Social media strategy for better sales.

The Client FASHKA : An online jewelry boutique, based in Ahmadabad with shop hosted by Shopify. The Problem Sales stop as soon as the advertisements stop, also the cost per sale was incredibly high. Observations Inconsistent Branding, missing tag line, unfocused advertisements. The work The first thing I did was work on Branding. I talked to...

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