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Why advertising online is a good idea?

Online advertisement is the marketing  strategy that complements your offline marketing efforts. Using the right tools you can easily find new clients, engage current clients and do all this in a convenient and cost effective manner.

Reach people that actually are interested in what you offer, target customers faster than a flyer and reach larger number of people than a billboard or any offline marketing effort. In a nut shell you get faster results in terms of conversions and sales with online advertising working in tandem with your regular marketing.

Why choose me?

Having a significant experience with running ads on various platforms for businesses in various sectors, I have a clear understanding of how to create the best possible advertisement strategy.

My online advertising strategy is based on business acumen and creativity to produce an ad that attracts customers. That is called adding human factor to the contextual marketing, it circumvents lack of data from cookies or people opting out of tracking. Talk to me and I will explain how it works.

Best online advertisements are made by studying the competitors , relying on experience from results of marketing efforts, and understanding the needs of your clients and customers. It is a balancing act mixed with refining and keeping up with trends in the market, that gives desirable results. On my part, I provide the support you need to understand the technical acumen and implement your marketing strategy to give birth to a successful advertisement campaign.

Successful Campaigns

Steps to successful advertisement campaign.

Based on the observations from your business, audience data, and competitor analysis, I extract the brand persona, USP of the product or service, features, benefits and ascertain audience type to move to the next step.

The next step is to carefully create content that includes videos, slide shows, images, descriptions, tag lines, hashtag, keywords and landing pages . The content is crafted to connect with your target audience with most natural and truthful tone in the language they relate to.

Finally, I create the ad campaigns in the budget you provide that is based on the marketing funnel optimized for conversions. Ads platforms are chosen on the basis of audience type and the product or service you sell.

After the ads are running I analyze them to see how best can we tweak them to get best results, in order to do that I stay in touch with Facebook and Google Ads experts, take their advice and implement changes after discussion.

Client Testimonials

Online advertising services


There are two broad methods to promote your business online, one is through organic manual way and second is through paid campaigns. Organic method costs no money but takes a lot of time because of competition.

Paid promotion has a few benefits, the first is you get listed in the top searches and get your ads shown to people that are interested in your product or services using powerful AI based context marketing. Second is the insights you collect from the advertisements. You learn a lot faster about how your target audience gets to your product or service. You learn what they expect from your products or services. Knowing this you can optimize your ads, your content and even your products or services to better serve your customers.

Having said that, manual and organic marketing, and even offline marketing plays a major role in getting your business to respectable profits. That way you open a marketing channel that over a period of time reduces the cost of paid promotions.



To know more about how to promote your business online just ask me.

The amount of spend depends on the competition in that particular business segment. More ads means higher competition and higher cost.

It takes about a week for an ad to come out of learning phase and up to 15 days before it starts showing results.

Google ads AI typically take a few days to find your target audience, once it does that it starts showing results. In my experience many of my ads started showing results within 5 days, while some took longer.

Facebook ads are comparatively cheaper than Google Ads. But Google has a much larger audience reach than Facebook.

For a service based business, traffic, awareness( branding ) and lead generation are best suited and for product based awareness (branding) and sales (conversions) are best suited. Also ads may change with type of business, for example an entrepreneur would heavily need to focus on awareness than a typical traditional business.

Every ad as its own problem and can only be rectified by thoroughly observing and making changes. Ads conversion rates drop after changes made to the ad, improper landing page ( call to action) or poor website buying experience, less reviews on google and Facebook, not enough incentives for the customers, and so on. These are only few of the issues that are most common for conversion rate drop. Follow the link if you want to dig deeper in to why your Facebook ads don’t work any more.

The type of ad depends on the product / service that we want to advertise and the target audience’s demography. For example Carousel ads would work better for a survey campaign or an invitation to online seminar. For a DIY kit, a video ad would be more suitable. For sending a branding message, a video ad works better. Catalog ads work better for repeat customers and traditional products.

People opting out of tracking does not mean your ad is not shown or they didn’t fill up a form, it just does not get recorded affecting the numbers you see on your reports. Facebook has implemented Aggregated Event Measurement to help it. But your previously working ad will be affected. You will also have to limit your event tracking pixel to 8 events. You need to turn to contextual marketing and rely on data that you collect from your customers and interactions to actually track what results your ads are bringing to you. To learn how to use contextual marketing, connect with me for a consult.


The cost of managing ad is decided case by case depending on the services we agree to work on. On an average I offer competitive rates with flexible budget in comparison to the ongoing market rates with focused attention and accurately predicted ad campaign results. My rates starts from Rs.4500/ month for running campaigns.

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