There is nothing more satisfying than watching Kishwar Merchant smile as she tried our Tie-dye Kit and made those amazing T-shirts! Nope, this is not a paid promotion, she graciously made a reel for us on Instagram after using our Tie-dye Kit! Check it out on her Instagram page :

Customer experience is very important. We make sure that our customers feel special, we call them, let them know what is going on, join into their excitement. Later when they use the product or make a video about it, we make sure we tag our customers and let them know how great we feel that they are happy with our product. This relationship has helped us create a community of people that make videos with our products and showcase their skills.

The UGC (User Generated Content) we have has greatly improved our sales, our brand position and gives us regular feedback on how we should improve our marketing strategy, product and customer journey.

It gives us insight in how consumer use our products, what they like about it or dislike about it. Allowing us to align every effort that we make to match with what our customers expect.

A perfect Instagram profile, with content that is perfect and very effective in grabbing attention!

So if your customers like your product and are talking about it, make sure you appreciate that effort and in return you can use that to carve your niche in the market and be successful.

It’s all about creating trust. A full 92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from people they know, and 70 percent trust online consumer opinions.

To get here I worked hard with Kadam Colors’ team. Got the logo right, the packaging right, the advertisements right and the customer journey as smooth as possible! Still a lot more to do, but these little success along the way says that we are going on the right track!