Considering how the demise of third party cookies and Apple ios opt out of personalized ads is creating mess of your ad strategy, probably it is wise to go back and go manual and fire up those emails, while a new way comes up to sort the “ads not serving to the right people”.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to connect with your customers post engagement from your ads. Ads are good, but email marketing is also a part of online marketing activity that a business should investigate and use.

Being in the market for over 10+ years I have seen and experienced the ups and downs due to mistakes and bad choices to getting email marketing right and succeeding. In few of my recent campaigns 87% people opened and read my client’s emails and 63% people showed positive response. Considering all the spammy and annoying emails people have to go through daily, this result is quite alright, in my opinion.

The reality is that it is not easy to please people in the way you want, you have to give them what they want in the way they like.

Quick take : Think of emails as a marketing tool that lets you speak to your customers, engage them, give them support, encourage them and allow them to participate in your marketing activities. Speak to them in a natural way but still keeping the tone, language and content that they understand. Separate your customer base according to where they fit in your marketing funnel.

Go straight to the email samples based on which stage your customers are in the marketing funnel.

Table of content:

  1. Separate your audience according to the marketing funnel layers.
  2. How frequently should you send emails to your customers?
  3. Do your emails have too much information and images?
  4. Do your emails sound friendly and natural?
  5. Do your emails provide exactly what your customers want?
  6. Do you use emails to send invoices and bills?

Segregate your audience

You do not want to send same emails to every single person in your list, if you have been running ads or have an e-commerce platform, separate the audience according to your online marketing funnel. Send them personalized emails according to what stage they are on, and their type.

Do not spam emails

Send less but useful emails over a span of time to your customers. If you send too many emails, they will either automatically be send to spam folder or your customers will be annoyed and simply delete them before even reading the subject line.

Once your domain name gets black listed, you wont be able to send mails to that specific client and it will become extremely difficult to get out of that one.

I get many emails from my bank and most of them automatically go to spam, because they send too many emails at once and most of them are not relevant to what I’d be interested in.

Do not clutter your email

Make sure your email is straight forward and to the point. Too many cluttered information, images will get people confused and distracted. The attention span of people today is minuscule, and the efforts required to entertain them is high. That being said, honest and to the point emails have a better chance of being read even if they are plain text.

Make personalized and natural sounding subject line

If your email’s subject line is the most important part of your email. If it sounds robotic or spammy like ” 10% discount inside for a limited time only, act now!! ” it will not be entertained. Instead it could be ” Hi Yogesh, we have 50% discount coupon for your favorite brands”, Yogesh will be persuaded by your friendly personalized subject and most likely open your email.

Make your emails personalized

Use your customer’s name in the email body, write in friendly, easy going language that matches your audience’s or client’s age group and taste. Your email content should focus exactly on what that client expects of you.

Use emails to send invoices and bills.

Everyone opens emails that have bills and invoices in them. Why not use this opportunity to add some marketing to the email. You can use it to engage customers in different ways. You can add discount coupons or introduce them to new products they might like. You can also ask for feedback and ask customers to join your conversation on social media.

Here are examples of each type of emails according to the marketing funnel layers:

Audience persona : Ashutosh is in the range of 25-30 year old male, working a full day job and wants to stay fit in limited time he has got.

My client Corefitness wants to help him with his quest for better fitness with health supplements, dietary and exercise tips that he can afford and fit in his schedule.

Awareness email

Subject: Hey Ashutosh, try these 4 exercises for a quick full body workout.

Hello Ashutosh,

Glad you joined our email list for tips about shaping up for a fit body and healthy lifestyle. Let’s get to it then!

We understand you have a hectic schedule everyday and can’t find the right time to get to the Gym. So here are 4 exercises that you can do in 15 minutes and stay fit, energized and ready for the day…….

Stay in touch with us on Instagram and Facebook, and feel free to ask our experts any question you have about fitness and health.

Have a nice day,

Core Fitness Team

Consideration email

Subject : Hey Ashutosh, supplements will make it easy to get that fit body.

Hello Ashutosh,

You’ve been working out and shaping up and that is great, but your body now needs a lot more nutrition and protein than what normal food can provide.

You need at least 10% to 35% calories from protein, so if you weight about 75kg, you need about 60-70 gms of protein in your diet. To make it easy, we can help you with a (link) diet chart and recommend (link) whey protein to compensate what you miss from your diet.

Stay in touch and let us know what information you’d like in your mails.

Have a nice day,

Core Fitness Team

Decision making email

Subject : Hey Ashutosh, we have some protein recommendations for you

Hello Ashutosh,

Yes there are many types of protein supplements out there, but the three main types that you can buy are:

The concentrate type has higher fat and carbohydrate content and is the least processed of all the three.

The isolate type whey protein has 90% protein and has less fat and carbs.

The hydrolysate is the most concentrated form of protein.

For most people the concentrate type whey protein is suitable and when you require to have a strict diet or are lactose intolerant the other two forms of whey protein are good choice.

In your case we think the concentrate whey protein will be most suitable, but do consult your gym instructor and your doctor for the amount and type you should consume.

Here are few of our products that might interest you (link to the product). Let us know if you want more information.

Have a nice day,

Core Fitness Team

Buy Email

Subject : Hey Ashutosh, your favorite whey protein is waiting

Hello Ashutosh,

We know you would love our concentrate whey protein, an excellent supplement protein that is right for you (link) click here to know more about it. We offer you a 50% discount as a first time buyer! Use the code Fitfirst2022 when you make a purchase and get the discount, (link) click here to buy Whey concentrate!

We will love to share your fitness journey on our Instagram, if you wish to do so. Send us your reel or images and we will celebrate your success with the world!

Have a nice day!

Core Fitness Team

The point is, more personal experience your customers get from your business, you get loyalty and that in turn will bring in more customers as they recommend your business to others.

The bottom line

  1. Do not use emails just for promotions.
  2. Customize email templates based on audience segregation.
  3. Try to personalize emails with customer name in subject line.
  4. Avoid spammy subject lines and cliche language in the mail.
  5. Do not spam mails every day.
  6. Match the email templates with your marketing funnel.
  7. Use friendly, warm and natural tone in your email.

I can help you customize your e-com shop emails to add features without using any plugins.

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