There are few common reasons why your ads have stopped performing as well as they did in the past. Here are few of them that I have observed from my experience on working with various businesses in the past.

In lieu of Apple ios opt out of personalized ads and demise of 3rd party cookies, your ads will suffer. It could be a good time to fire up your email marketing strategy to compensate the loss.

You can always click on the links below that will take you directly to the section that interests you or you can always connect with me to ask about how to tackle the new changes in how cookies work and the impact of Apple IOS effects the ads.

  1. Quality of your Facebook Ads.
  2. Audience targeting and change in buying trends.
  3. Editing Advertisements too many times.
  4. Running too many similar campaigns.
  5. Advertisement stopping due to funding issues.
  6. Advertisement budget issues.
  7. Unfocused marketing goals.
  8. Advertisement policy violations.
  9. Impact of Apple IOS changes on your ads

Quality of your Facebook ads

If your ads are using images, videos or text content that does not match your target audiences taste then your ads will not perform well. Create quality ads by using what will help your target audience connect with your product/service. The ad should appease the client by showing them how your product or service can help them.

Audience targeting and change in buying trends

Current changes to how ads can be served to people will affect your ads that have a very narrow audience targeting. The apple opt-out of interest based advertisement tracking has severely affected Facebook ads. If your ads are serving a very specific interest group, your ads would either cost you way too much with terrible conversion rate.

I discussed this issue with the Facebook’s ads expert and frankly speaking their tricks did not help much but broadening your audience targeting will improve ads performance.

Editing Advertisements too many times

If you are editing your ads too many times, it will keep going into the learning phase increasing the CPA (Cost Per Action). Every time you edit your ad, it gets reset and the AI will start learning all over again, causing ads to perform badly.

Apart from changing the budget try not to touch a good performing ad, except if you are running CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization), which will reset the learning and the ad will start all over again.

Plan well and create ad sets to check which ones work better. That comes with experience in marketing your product or service and knowing what exactly your ads should be to attract your customers.

Running too many similar campaigns

If you keep making new ads with same campaign goals, that are using the same audience in a limited budget, most probably they’d never come out of learning, or due to overlapping audience your ads will compete with each other and cost you more.

Due to the Apple ios changes impact on Facebook ad, from my experience and talking to the Facebook ad’s expert team, I would say that Facebook’s interest based Audience segmentation does not work as it should. Which ends up having your ads costing you more if you have multiple similar campaigns running even though they are split into different interest based audience.

Advertisement stopping due to funding issues.

It is quite self explanatory, if you have credit card attached to your Facebook account make sure it is topped up, otherwise Facebook will disable your ad account and in some cases they take up to 15 days to fix that ( one of my client forgot to top up his credit card and Facebook restricted his ad account. It took many emails back and forth with Facebook concierge to get the ads running back to full steam).

Advertisement budget issues

Do not run ads if you cannot afford the minimum budget Facebook suggests when you create an ad. That suggestion is the average your competitors are spending on an ad. If you run ads with a thin budget , your ads will hardy be shown and it would not come out of learning phase.

Also if you are running too many ads and you cap out on your daily spend limit ( in case of prepaid accounts) your ads will stop the moment your account reaches the daily spend limit.

Facebook increases your daily spend over time as they monitor your ad account until there is no spend limit. There is no way to increase your daily spend limit on your prepaid account.

Unfocused marketing goals

Ads tank or don’t even take off if the ad goals does not match with the ad type. Your branding ad looks exactly like your conversion ads, sending wrong message to the viewer, the ad will produce bad results, same goes for conversion ads that look like branding ads. “Learn more” is meant for branding, and “buy now” is for selling.

The intent or focus of your marketing goal in your content also matters. Make sure your descriptions and headings match with what you intend your target audience to experience. Same goes for the landing pages, make sure they send the right message for the intended marketing goal.

Advertisement policy violations

Don’t do the crime if you don’t want to do the time. Jokes apart, make sure you stick to the advertising policy set by the Facebook and the laws governing in your country. It would probably will be slap on the hand aka “ad rejected” which you can easily fix by removing the content that violates the ads policy. But sometimes Facebook will outright restrict your ad account and you’d end up spending a lot of time convincing them otherwise. This will result in your ads to stop.

In order to avoid this, either let a professional handle your ads or you should ask Facebook via support box to ensure you are in the right.

Impact on how Apple IOS changes will effect your ad in 2022?

The pixel tracking your events will show discrepancy and may cause increase in the ad spend. Although people see and interact with your ads but if they opted out of tracking , it just does not get recorded affecting the numbers you see in your reports. To fix this issue Facebook has implemented Aggregated Event Measurement. You will have to limit your event tracking pixel to 8 events in your events manager. The best way to go is to set up the pixel server side ( that is either on your web server or hire third party apps) that helps a lot in contextual marketing. To learn deeper about contextual marketing and ad strategy connect with me for a consult.

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