Two very passionate individuals, who come from am equally impressive enterprising families, came up with the idea of creating Men’s grooming products that are genuinely premium in every sense.

I approached them as they were looking for someone to take care of their online presence. After a few meetings I was confident that their entrepreneur journey was bound to be a successful.

We started with competitor analysis and found the perfect niche where fits in. We created the brand identity with the right language tone on the basis of the audience persona that we drew from audience study.

Both our clients had a very clear idea of how their website should portray their brand and with in mind we took up the task of creating their website. Our developers had a tight deadline but finished the job without a hitch ready for the launch day.

The results were excellent, within 15 days we had more than 2k likes and reached an audience over 1.1 million. On the day of launch we executed email campaign with launch offer which also was a great success.

Now, Groomo is ready with a clear directive on how it can drive it social media marketing to an astounding success. We took a great deal of ideas from the vision Groomo had for itself and turned it into a reality.