Advertising your business online in a competitive market is already getting expensive and with major changes the advertisement giants of the world are making, we need to adapt fast to avoid loss of traction in conversions.

The moment I got message from Facebook that Apple’s IOS opt out of tracking will result in drastic reduction in conversions, I had to start working on how to circumvent it. I looked up everywhere on the internet, and few sites like Hubspot had information that I found useful.

If you ask me , I never trusted the AI analytics from either Google or Facebook completely, the reason was simple, being machine it has limited understanding on how humans behave with advertisements and what type of people we want to attract.

For example, if you put an attractive lady in your ad for selling Fabric dyes, the AI will serve the ads to people that like attractive ladies because those are the ones that actually watch the ad for a whole 15 seconds or repeat it. The businessmen you want to attract are not that free to watch the whole thing, Probably a glimpse and they might click on your ad or swipe away! So the AI is happily serving ads to the “people that like it” but not to the people that want to buy from you.

Why do you think this happens? regardless of setting up the right demographics in your ads. It is because people change and people lie. What humans do, say and how they behave is not set in stone. Depending on the mood a person can change from a obsessive buyer to the one that hardly looks up the products online. Yet the AI targeting brings in the numbers because of how broad humans think. Despite of errors, the probability of success rate of AI is quite high because of the large sample it processes.

The “attractive lady” trick would work great for products or services that have a broad audience, for example if you are selling a soap, a man smitten by the attractive lady might remember your soap brand next time he goes to the super market, but this won’t work if your products or services serve a niche audience.

So, in order to be effective with your ads to improve conversion chances you need to think about what would be the right text, image or video that would grab attention of the audience that you need to attract through your online advertisement.

I go with common sense, design the ad in the way that is actually attractive to the person I am targeting and then adjusting the ad on the basis of what the analytics shows me. I add the “human factor” to the contextual marketing that the ads serve.

My attempt is to be less aggressive with pushing the customer, rather gain their confidence with positive re-enforcement.

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